Rooftop Garden

Package 1: Rooftop Kitchen Gardening

(2 Marla’s/ 550 Square feet)

Designed for cities

  1. Shaping of Plants (Pruning & Trimming)
  2. Weeding of Plants
  3. Hoeing of plant soil (Goody)
  4. Use all kind of fertilizers according to requirement
  5. Termite, aphids, bugs control spray of pesticides and herbicides, according to requirement
  6. Visits of our skilled labor,2-4 times per month according to requirement
  7. Use of organic compost for vegetables according to requirement
  8. Design and new ideas for your rooftop kitchen garden
  9. Recommendation of vegetables according to season, soil and water
  10. Soil treatments, soil testing of pots according to requirement
  11. Consultancy of members of newly established areas
  12. Seeds sowing of coriander, mint, Aloe Vera, approx. 200 plants

Rs. 8,500 per Month


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